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Aime Williams

Aime Williams is the co-editor of Oxford Poetry.

‘Sleeping Black Jaguar’ – interview by Aime Williams

Pascale Petit is very busy. Her sixth collection, Fauverie, has recently come out from Seren, and Petit is taken up with readings. When I initially wrote to her, she was tucked away in a writers’ retreat in France, working on the next collection. In late October, we sat at one of the flimsy tables d...

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'Artless' - essay by Aime Williams

Religious language leans on the apophatic, on the idea that cosmic reality might elude our words. ‘We live on a little island of the articulable,’ writes the Christian novelist Marilynne Robinson, ‘which we tend to mistake for reality itself.’ Gilead, her second book, is narrated by Rev. Ames, a dyi...

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