Prac Crit

David Sergeant

David Sergeant’s first collection of poetry, Talk Like Galileo, was published by Shearsman Press in 2010. He teaches at the University of Plymouth.

In Spring by David Sergeant

The bony trees / Fork into the sky like tributaries — / I had forgotten. / / There, and then here. / The blossom / Is clouds of pink bees / / Or confetti, entranced. / If I were tiny / I’d clamber through / / And open each bud like a letter. / How the jeans you wear / Unzip / / ...

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Fox and Revolt by David Sergeant

After the revolt had failed and I’d turned into a fox / I left the church where we had sheltered / knowing that my co-conspirators / were even then being laid out under hedges / in all likelihood, / like rolled-up carpets after a party, / some with their balls stuffed in their mouths, / and t...

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