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Emily Berry

Emily Berry’s debut poetry collection, Dear Boy, was published by Faber in 2013. It won the Forward Prize for Best First Collection and the Hawthornden Prize. Her second collection is Stranger, Baby (Faber, 2017).


The weather was inside. / / The branches trembled over the glass as if to apologise; then they thumped and they came in. / / And the trees shook everything off until they were bare and clean. They held on to the ground with their long feet and leant into the gale and back again. / / This was their way with the wind. / / They flung us down and flailed above us with their visions and their pale tree light. / / I think they were telling us to survive. That’s what a leaf feels like ...

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‘My Friend Marcie is on the Insensate Beach’ – essay by Emily Berry

Mark Waldron’s first collection The Brand New Dark is described on his publisher’s website as ‘a book about sex, eyes, eggs, dogs, death and sausages’, which are the six best subjects a book can be about. Shouldn’t someone commission a book of essays called Sex, Eyes, Eggs, Dogs, Death and Sausages? This piece is mainly going to focus on sex and eyes. Or, to be more specific, sexual objectification. There will be one mention of an egg. Some of my favourite poems in Mark Waldron’s tw...

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