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Gwyneth Lewis

Gwyneth Lewis was Wales's National Poet from 2005-06, the first writer to be given the Welsh laureateship. She has published eight books of poetry in Welsh and English. Chaotic Angels (Bloodaxe, 2005) brings together the poems from her first three English collections, Parables & Faxes, Zero Gravity and Keeping Mum. Her latest book is Sparrow Tree.

Sunday Park (from Parables and Faxes)

So the world offers itself in love: / A park on a Sunday with a simple band, / oom-pah-pah under the cherry tree. / What could be more ordinary? / / But time divided the music like this: / To open, an easy ball was thrown, / caught with the lunge of a skirt, a laugh, / two children (related) running around / pursued by a dog who can’t get enough / municipal smells from the yellow sound / which starts to repeat – the ball gets thrown, / till, this time, the girl runs round on her...

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Principalities, Dominions

No sooner do I start to settle / To copy my wasp (see opposite) than, / Trapped between net curtain and pane, / Yet another bluebottle loses control, panics, / Ricochets with that tiny death-rattle / That Emily Dickinson misnamed / As a fly when she died in her poem. / My mind’s an insect that hits its pain / Over and over and over again. / / Back to my Chalcid wasp. It / Seems to sing: “Holy! Holy!” / Forelegs, raised, evangelical, / To catch that grace which falls like snow...

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