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Jamie McKendrick

Jamie McKendrick is the author of six collections of poetry, including Ink Stone (2003), Crocodiles & Obelisks (2007) and Out There (2012), all published by Faber.

The Urban Field by Jamie McKendrick

Though they’ve all the rest of the field to graze in / the horses stand at the iron railings by / the main road and philosophically survey / the mode of transport that replaced them. / / It seems a silent vigil at their own demise. / Of course it could be they just like the trees / that line...

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Out There by Jamie McKendrick

If space begins at an indefinite zone / where the chance of two gas molecules colliding / is rarer than a green dog or a blue moon / then that’s as near as we can get to nothing. / / Nostalgia for the earth and its atmosphere / weakens the flesh and bones of cosmonauts. / One woke to find hi...

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