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Julian Gewirtz

Julian Gewirtz’s poems are published or forthcoming in The New Republic, Boston Review, Ploughshares, Colorado Review, and The Yale Review, and his prose has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New Yorker online, and The Economist. He is a doctoral student at Oxford, where he is a Rhodes scholar.

‘Extraordinary Geraniums’ – interview by Julian Gewirtz

I met Henri Cole at his apartment in Boston’s South End on a sweaty July day. After the hot, busy street, his rooms at the top of several flights of stairs were airy, cool, and elegant. The artworks of his friends and collaborators Kiki Smith and Jenny Holzer adorn the walls; curiosities and objet d...

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‘from Confidential Chats with Boys’ – essay by Julian Gewirtz

‘Hard-core Innocence’ — Alan Hollinghurst, from Poet to Novelist In 1981, reviewing D. M. Thomas’s The White Hotel, the 27-year-old Alan Hollinghurst wrote, ‘Poets often mature earlier than novelists; behind the romantic image of young poetic genius lies a clearly identifiable pattern whereby a...

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‘from Confidential Chats with Boys’ – interview by Julian Gewirtz

I met Alan Hollinghurst at home in London on a warm June day. From his house, which is nestled on a leafy, steeply sloping street near Hampstead Heath, one could begin to see the scenes of the south end of the park: children in bright swimsuits splashing in the kiddie pool, couples lounging on the s...

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