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Karen Solie

Karen Solie is a native of Saskatchewan and now lives in Toronto. In 2010, she won the Canadian Griffin Poetry Prize for Pigeon. Her fourth collection, The Road In Is Not the Same Road Out, was published in spring 2015 by House of Anansi Press and Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.

Via by Karen Solie

Only through the train window is the idle backhoe / figurative, do electrical transformers astride / the fine and dwindling farmland pause / spellbound in their march toward the lakeshore. / / At Oakville’s irritable limits, hills of scrap aluminum glitter / like a picnic ground in heaven. No...

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Mercenary (from The Caiplie Caves) by Karen Solie

Security contractor / is the term preferred / by a growing industry / of private actors who, / at the sharp end of conflict, / aren’t kidding ourselves / about the economy. Money / / is a country I can take with me. / I walk through the battlefield / as through my home town, / fully real...

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