Prac Crit

Mark Ford

Mark Ford has published four collections of poetry with Faber, Landlocked (1992), Soft Sift (2001), Six Children (2011), and Enter, Fleeing (2018). As a critic and essayist, his recent publications include This Dialogue of One: Essays on Poets from John Donne to Joan Murray (2014) and Thomas Hardy: Half a Londoner (2016). He is a Professor of English at University College London.

Trial and Error by Mark Ford

I am not all Heere – John Donne / / / Tired of the eighties, and the on- / going crisis in masculinity – the compliment / each generation pays itself – he stared / a hole in his macchiato, / fished with his spoon / beneath the froth. The hiss / and gurgle of steam heating milk, the g...

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