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Mark Waldron

Mark Waldron’s first book, The Brand New Dark was published by Salt in 2008. His second, The Itchy Sea, followed in 2011. He lives in east London with his wife and son.

I am lordly, puce and done, by Mark Waldron

but enough about me, Manning says / as he adjust his tights under what we take for a moon. / / There’s a cascading swagger, / everything is joy in a thin strip: / / Forgive me, the trees themselves / are morose rather than lightweight, the sky is certainly lit. / The ground bows down lik...

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My Friend Marcie is on the Insensate Beach by Mark Waldron

or by the dinking pool, or in the triumphant park. / She’s sliding over pages of a magazine, / / her scent is the scent of the sun: that stark and naked mistress, / who in her blinding coruscation, burns off her very own bikini, / / who’ll flash off underwear, a business suit and overcoat /...

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