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Matthew Welton

Matthew Welton is the author of The Book of Matthew (Carcanet, 2003), which won the Jerwood-Aldeburgh First Collection Prize, and 'We needed coffee but...' (Carcanet, 2009). His third book, The Number Poems, is forthcoming in September 2016. He is a Lecturer in Writing and Creativity at the University of Nottingham.

Van der Kerkhoff by Matthew Welton

It matters how some afternoons late into spring / the voices round the café tables lift and fall / like sea birds or low winds, and a smudge of orange light / / plays slowly through the window; and it matters how / the houses along the yellow ocean, drifting out / of darkness as the day assem...

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Hey, hey by Matthew Welton

Think of it as the rubber ball we’ve hidden / in the fruit bowl. Think of it as sludgy coffee. / Think of it like it’s a bunch of balloons. / / Imagine it’s the voices on the recordings / we deleted. Think of it as the empty roads / you see from the empty train. / / Think of it as the lull...

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