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Maureen N. McLane

Maureen N. McLane is the author of three books of poetry, including the 2014 National Book Award finalist This Blue (FSG, 2014). Her book My Poets (FSG, 2012), a hybrid of memoir and criticism, was a finalist for the 2012 National Book Critics Circle Award for autobiography. She teaches at NYU.

Things of August by Maureen N. McLane

Not fog not hail not sleet / but rain boring / as ever the same / rain less acidic / now the Midwest has failed / and new laws prevailed. / / We shall abandon / our cars. We shall walk / unadorned under stars / whose names we shall learn / in four languages, minimum. / Our maximum veloc...

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Mz N Hermit by Maureen N. McLane

And now a hermit thrush / the monster never heard / nor Frankenstein nor Keats / nor Mz N till this moment / Where are the songs / of spring Ay where & / What are the songs / of your climate / ingeret’s ring the changes / of the changing songs / Did you steep too long / in the tea of your...

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