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Natalya Anderson

Natalya Anderson is a writer and former ballet dancer from Toronto, Canada. She won first place at the 2014 Bridport Prize for her poem, ‘Clear Recent History.’ In 2015, she founded The Poetry Extension, which through live events forges trans-Atlantic relationships between poets and dancers.

‘Canopy’ – interview by Natalya Anderson

The first time I met Emily Berry I beckoned to her from a pub in Cambridge moments before she was due to read from her book, Dear Boy (Faber, 2013). With an expression on her face that I would now recognize as bemused, she kindly sat with me and engaged in conversation. I was so frightened of her brilliance, so excited to be near her, that I told her at least three inappropriate, personal stories that any person in their right mind would be unlikely to share with a loved one, let alone with a co...

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‘To Seek’ – interview by Natalya Anderson

Hoa Nguyen’s voice is so soothing, so peaceful, so pretty, that when it throws me off balance it’s nerve-wracking and exciting. The colour, movement and sturdiness of her words – both in conversation and on paper in her latest collection, the Griffin Poetry Prize-nominated Violet Energy Ingots – play together so strangely that it’s impossible to steer the conversation. But this is not a childish game. Hoa’s observations are those of a loving and powerfully intelligent artist. Her us...

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‘The City Admits no Wrongdoing’ – interview by Natalya Anderson

Harmony Holiday does not stand on her mark. She is a dancer, choreographer and poet, and while she craves the discipline of these artistic kingdoms, she is not so much put off by their most archaic structures as indifferent to them. As the daughter of celebrated musician Jimmy Holiday, she does hold father-figures of jazz, dance and poetry near, as if – whenever she feels it suits the tone of her work – she could pour them a drink and have them reveal their secrets. But that’s as far as Ha...

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