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Richard O’Brien

Richard O’Brien is the author of two pamphlets, your own devices (tall-lighthouse, 2009) and The Emmores (The Emma Press, 2014). His blog, The Scallop Shell, is dedicated to the close reading of contemporary poetry.

‘Cain Reverses Time’ – interview by Richard O'Brien

A PhD student walks into Leverton and Hall’s deli in Bournville, Birmingham, to meet with a Creative Writing tutor and dismantle a poem which one of them has written. Luke Kennard is my doctoral supervisor, and the fact that I am taking apart his poem for this website seems apt for a writer whose ha...

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‘Remembrance of an Open Wound’ – essay by Richard O’Brien

When a poem exists in dialogue with a photograph or painting, do we owe it to ourselves as readers (or to the poem) to look up the work that was the creative trigger? If we can’t, or choose not to, we might be doing the writing a disservice; but every reading made in comparison to the image takes us...

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