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Roddy Lumsden

Roddy Lumsden is the author of eight books of poetry, most recently Melt and Solve (Salt, 2015) and Not All Honey (Bloodaxe, 2014). He lives and teaches in London, where he has recently helped to set up the Poetry School's new MA course in partnership with Newcastle University.

from Steady Grinding Blues by Roddy Lumsden

Water Street Drop-off / / / James Merrill House, Stonington, CT / / / Long sleepless room, roof sloping. Willing / to fall under, I measure: to floorboard, one hand, to ceiling, / / one foot; windows on four sides – parallel retort; / aching, gape-eyed, half below, ghost-start / / ...

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Autism by Roddy Lumsden

Some nights I catch the smell / of the lives of others, / all that is awry, agley, / the washers loose / the springs rust-bunged. / Or the sheerest glee / I hope and fear that friends may feel, / their refound wallet / or the cat returned after a week / and just a little thin. / And when ...

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