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Sasha Dugdale

Besides her work as a translator, Sasha Dugdale is a playwright, and editor of Modern Poetry in Translation; her three books of verse, Notebook (2003), The Estate (2007) and Red House (2011) are all published by Carcanet.

Les Énervés de Jumièges by Sasha Dugdale

‘If it had been told to me I should not have believed it. / The night had burnt itself out and the morning was a miniscule new flame / Over the sifting waters of the river. Where were the angels / Attending like apothecaries to St Erasmus? None of them came. / That place was beautiful till then....

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Dawn Chorus by Sasha Dugdale

March 29, 2010 / Every morning since the time changed / I have woken to the dawn chorus / And even before it sounded, I dreamed of it / Loud, unbelievably loud, shameless, raucous / / And once I rose and twitched the curtains apart / Expecting the birds to be pressing in fright / Against th...

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