Prac Crit

Sylvia Legris

Sylvia Legris is the author of The Hideous Hidden, published this year by New Directions, and four other collections of poetry. In 2006 she won the Griffin Prize for Nerve Squall.

Part the Second. by Sylvia Legris

Mid the fourfold milfoil’d dead march / to the minor mondo, the lesser garden, / the vesicle’d, the Sea-wreck’d, the not yet / extinct, the cuticle-weary, the carnivorous. / / * / / Bud-strange, boggy, Utricularia’s watery / sac-trap. Nip the lymphatic, the nodular / stalk, “cut the knotl...

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Hummingbird by Sylvia Legris

Hummingbird / 1 / Deep-keeled. A nickel’s weight of charm and troubling. Airway territoriality. Pendulum arc bronchus flit. (Left, right, two-step flight.) Ventral symmetry. / 2 / Vocal fold ventriculus: hover assimilates hum. Tin ear tune an agonistic buffer. / Buzz note vocalization. Wing-box...

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