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Song for Florida 2 by Andrea Brady

[ 1 ] / / You may be called upon / to testifyto your worst fears: / it was a dark and rainy / (setting the scene) / was dark and / (set) / and mangling the apparition can’t be / gated, dog whistles, blocks / these assholes always get the specter of / the elevator, shadow of / grass and ...

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Poem on 27th Birthday by Dai George

The osteria’s blasting jazz, the slick and fruity / after-hours sort, and down the street a Fiat stereo / fronts up with a folksy Anglophonic strum. / I’m down with it all; I’m a honey trap for wasps / snuffling the grains in my espresso cup, / but those bastards don’t bug me anymore. No, / th...

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We’re Going to Get Married by Jeff Dolven

We’re going to get married, married, she said, / going to get married, me and my sister, / and I don’t care what it looks like, she said. / / A sister like mine is harder to find / than a needle lost in the high cactus-desert, / than a hay-colored camel lost in the haystacks. / / We mustn’t let go...

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Stray Dog (from A General Dictionary of Magic) by Kate Potts

[strey dawg] / / n (pl stray dogs) / / 1. A tight-ribbed canid – its belly a skin drum. / / In packs, they scrum through railings and wall cracks, in the wild state, slender-muzzled, ears / cocked and noses honed to bolt. In alleys and silos, they snuffle for milk and meat. Though / they’...

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