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Ahren Warner

Ahren Warner is the author of two collections, Confer (Bloodaxe Books, 2011) and Pretty (Bloodaxe Books, 2013), both Poetry Book Society Recommendations. He is the editor of Poetry London.

‘Nervometer’ – Deep note by Ahren Warner

i. [Bugatti Aerolithe, 1935]   ii. [Denise Colomb, Antonin Artaud, 1947]   iii. ...there is a point, phosphorescent, where reality finds itself, though changed, metamorphosed – by what? A point where the use of things, objects, is magic. I believe in kamacites of the cerebellum, pe...

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Nervometer by Ahren Warner

After Antonin Artaud / / / / I / / I have always been struck by the obduracy / of mind – by how it must always want to think / / in dimensions, in space, arbitrarily – struck / by the fixation of being with beginning... / / I admit of an intricately wrought soul – / brimstone, pho...

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