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Liz Berry

Liz Berry is the author of Black Country (Chatto & Windus, 2014), a Poetry Book Society recommendation. It won the Forward Prize for First Collection and a Somerset Maugham Award.

Pig Wood by Liz Berry

In the darkling hours when the estate riles in sleep / or slumps half-kaylied in the television’s blue, / / you crouch in the blackness, hand stifling your mouth, / breath held for the sound of your child’s breath. / / You are afeared. You are there again. Pig Wood. / Its name filling your ...

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The Silver Birch by Liz Berry

Let me tell you about the sex I knew / before sex / / in the beginningwhen I was a creature / when I took the bit of your hair / between my teeth / and pushed your face to the silver birch / while you whimpered / at the fur of me / / how I came alive in dens and copses / in the tall gra...

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