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Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson has published aphorisms, short stories, and literary criticism, as well as many volumes of poetry and translation, for some of which he has been awarded the Cheltenham Prize, the John Florio Prize, and two Poetry Book Society Recommendations. His first novel, September in the Rain, is published in 2016. He is Professor of English and American Literature at the University of Reading and poetry editor for Two Rivers Press.

‘Sein und Zeit’ – Deep note by Peter Robinson

‘Sein und Zeit’ is a poem that characterizes some of the things that happen when I manage to write, and has the added benefit, for me at least, that it came fairly promptly and found a form I liked. Among my favourite poets is Umberto Saba, inventor, as far as I know, of lyrics shaped from a short o...

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Sein und Zeit by Peter Robinson

for Nadja Guggi / / / Light’s going, going out over the houses, / built above a century ago; / yet what they saw of attrition’s losses, / no, I wouldn’t know. / / But now this one long up for sale / is sold, is nearly emptied; / and by a wrought-iron area railing, / you appear to stand...

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