Prac Crit

Rachael Allen

Rachael Allen’s first pamphlet is Faber New Poets 9. She is the poetry editor for Granta, co-editor at the poetry press Clinic and of online journal Tender.

'Hummingbird' - essay by Rachael Allen

Here are some facts I learned about hummingbirds while reading Sylvia Legris’s ‘Hummingbird’ triptych. I learned that hummingbirds’ hearts are in relative terms the largest hearts of any animal (making up 2.5% of its weight), that this same heart beats 250 times a minute, that their reproductive org...

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Wallpapers/General by Rachael Allen

/wg/ / They would go hell-for-leather arguing for the poppy print or Arabic mezzanine market scene – this was in the store with added atmosphere, backed up water bottles thick with dust, everyone man-handling receipts and staff, and subsiding receipts and staff. The couple can’t decide between the ...

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